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Ms Fatima Ceesay

Control of Infectious Diseases - London
Type of Course: 
Residential course

As a Research Scientist, I felt that to make a significant impact on the burden of infectious diseases especially those affecting young children, I needed to take broader, community and population based approaches. I therefore found it relevant to pursue an MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases which would equip me with the skills of designing, investigating and assessing effective control measures for infectious diseases.

An MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases would have a huge impact on my career. It would heighten my expertise in quantitative research and improve my understanding of the role of epidemiology in disease control. With this expertise, I would be able translate laboratory research findings into effective public health measures at the right time to prevent severe impacts on health care systems. To top it all, this MSc would expand my research horizon and enable me to carry out more advanced studies leading to a PhD.

Receiving an ALN scholarship have made my ambitions a reality. I had always aspired to acquire public health intervention skills that I could combine with my laboratory skills to control the burden of communicable diseases.  Therefore, obtaining this scholarship has provided me with the unique opportunity of learning from the very best of experienced experts from one of the world’s renown schools of Public Health. The mentorship I would gain during the duration of my course would go a long way in my career of Scientific Research.