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Mr Moses Okee

Immunology of Infectious Diseases - London
Type of Course: 
Residential course

Infectious diseases are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in my country Uganda and Africa generally. This is exacerbated by rising drug resistance and immune suppression due to HIV and cancers, and complicates therapy. My motivation for undertaking the MSc immunology of infectious diseases was to acquire knowledge and develop skills in immunological mechanisms which confer immunity to infectious diseases affecting communities in Uganda. The practical skills and techniques I acquire will enable me better assess immune responses to pathogens and identify markers necessary for diagnosis, therapy and monitoring treatment.

Following this masters, I will be in position to impact policy development for infectious diseases diagnosis and management in Uganda. I hope to use the knowledge acquired to improve disease diagnosis and guide in the search for diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers for improved disease management in Uganda, regionally and Africa as a whole. This will be through organisation of and participation in capacity building efforts with the Ministry of Health and other concerned parties to train other personnel and students in the field of infectious diseases diagnosis.

Indeed, this funding was timely, and without this, I would not have been able to study for a masters degree.