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Mr Henry Karanja

Infectious Diseases - Distance Learning
Type of Course: 
Distance learning course

In the recent years, the world of research in science has become very competitive due to limited funding. This has hit African scientists hardest due to limited exposure in African Universities. As a result, they are unable to compete favourably with the western world for the limited resources available for research. This prompted me to supplement my locally acquired skills with international training which will enable me be in a position to compete for these resources. From my search and recommendations, I settled at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which has proven itself over the years to be a centre for excellent training.

Having studied Schistosomiasis under supervision of Dr Pauline Mwinzi, in Centre for Global Health, Kisumu and Malaria under supervision of Dr Britta Urban in KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi both focussing on African children for over 6 years, my interests have thwart toward infectious diseases. This culminated into a deep desire to seek for an in depth understanding of Infectious Diseases and therefore applied for Masters in infectious diseases.

At the end of my studies in, I believe I would have acquired excellent skills and exposure that will enable me to compete successfully for grants and fellowships.

Thanks to African London Nagasaki  (ALN) for its relentless effort to support and empower African scientists through scholarships. Despite the financial constraint that would have hindered my dream, they accorded me a scholarship to fund my studies in London School through Long distance learning.

The Long distance learning has worked well for me because I can study and at the same time be with my young family.