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Gloria Lubega

Public Health - Distance Learning
Type of Course: 
Distance learning course

Working with Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) has allowed me to appreciate the value of research in contributing to prevention and better ways of primary and tertiary health care. I have treated, monitored HIV/AIDS patients and worked as a study clinician on a number of research projects conducted at IDI and MRC. Uganda, being a developing country, has a strained budget for the health ministry, with very few health workers and even fewer public health specialists. The increasing burden of infectious diseases as well as of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension is alarming and requires skilled public health specialists to manage and plan for a better health system and therefore reduction of this burden. With an improved health system, other health challenges for example limited access to medical care in villages, high maternal and infant mortality rates, will be solved. I was thus encouraged to pursue an MPH degree.

The MPH degree will enable me to be part of the policy makers in my country and also become a part of implementing and monitoring of the government policies, health programmes and projects. I therefore hope to join the ministry of health as a public health specialist and design alternate public health delivery systems of care in Uganda to help reduce the burden of infectious diseases in the country. I also hope to mentor my colleagues and university students to help disseminate the knowledge and skills I will have gained from this course. The ALN Scholarship Fund has made my study at LSHTM much easier since I can concentrate on my studies and work, without having to search around for funds. With the blended study offered, I hope to learn much more practically when I visit LSHTM.