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Dr Uche Jane Adetifa

Public Health in Developing Countries - London
Type of Course: 
Residential course

In the course of my clinical work in paediatrics in Nigeria and, subsequently, some years of research work in The Gambia, I was involved in the clinical/field aspect of various studies of public health importance.  It became increasingly clear that timely interventions, particularly towards women and children, play a significant role in preventing most of the morbidity and mortality that occur in sub-Sahara Africa.  As is the case in most developing counties, the public health-related problems reflect, amongst other issues, the quality of health care delivery.  Therefore, relevant and quality research remains crucial in improving healthcare delivery and development in the region.  In order to progress in public health research I knew that I had to undergo a more structured research training in order to fill the gaps I had in public health, epidemiology, and biostatistics.  Fortunately, I was amongst the 2014/15 recipients for the ALN scholarship award for MSC Public Health in developing Countries.