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Dr Moussa Lingani

Master of Tropical Medicine (MTM) - Nagasaki
Type of Course: 
Residential course

Shortly after being qualify as a junior doctor, I became overwhelmed by number of patients that – despite my efforts – were dying from preventable and/or treatable infection including malaria, pneumonia, and HIV/TB. I was convinced that better approaches were needed than just treating one patient at a time, which results were very limited. Even with my background as physician, and my work experience, I was keenly aware of gaps in my knowledge base of infectious disease. I found it necessary to better understanding the key principles that underlie the spread of infectious diseases, and then underlie control mechanisms involve in infection occurrence.

 I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to further my knowledge by taking a Master course in tropical medicine at Nagasaki-university. As the practice is at the heart of this training, I will acquire the adequate tools for disease control, the skills and knowledge for designing, implementing, and reporting research studies as well as the managerial skills needed to organize infection’s control at the community level.

 Countries like Burkina Faso health system are overwhelmed by various infections such as malaria, pneumonia and the increasing threat of highly fatal hemorrhagic fevers. I hope in the future to play a key role in improving the country existing disease control strategies, developing novel tools such as new vaccine, diagnostic tools, therapeutic agents, as well as making decision/suggestion for health policymakers. Also, I have no doubt that this Master will act as the stepping-stone toward a PhD program in a near future and therefore, I'll be able to explore opportunities available to perform at my best either in research and development, or academia

 I am highly indebted to the ALN scholarship to pursue this Master program, the Nagasaki-university for providing such a friendly environment to study, and the warm tutors and staff for guiding me through my stay in Japan. Without this ALN financial support, I am pretty convinced that I couldn’t afford to study in such a prestigious institute.