Our Students

Dr Eric Nebie

Master of Tropical Medicine (MTM) - Nagasaki
Type of Course: 
Residential course

After five years of experience in the field of infectious diseases at Centre de Recherche en Santé Nouna (CRSN) and Nouna District hospital, I witnessed the heavy burden of infectious diseases in Burkina Faso and it boosted my interest to better understand them in order to effectively control them. Therefore, I feed the need to up-grade my knowledge and skills to better understand tropical diseases and their control strategies to become a more efficient and productive research scientist in this field. By integrating both theoretical and practical learning, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGH) at Nagasaki university is a good opportunity for me to achieve this goal.  To that end, I am trustful that the Master in Tropical Medicine will enhance my skills and sharpen my research abilities in that field.

The gained skills during the Master course will enable me to make a positive impact in my home institution and contribute to infectious diseases control strategies and interventions elaboration and implementation. After the master course, I intend to work in the field of diseases control and pursue a PhD degree in Epidemiology or Diseases control.

ALN scholarships are true portal and opportunity for qualified specialists training for effective diseases control in Africa. For me, it is a life changing event which will underpin and drive my future career.