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Dr Collins John

Master of Tropical Medicine (MTM) - Nagasaki
Type of Course: 
Residential course

Nagasaki city, capital of Nagasaki on the island of Kyushu and also site of the 1945 atomic bomb explosion, holds a great memory for all. Arriving into a social and culturally unique environment with almost completely Non-English speaking population at first contact, was by no means an easy one. However, the wonderful provision made by the ALN scholarship team and the ITM, NEKKEN made it  easier to settle in order to accomplish my sole purpose/mission to Nagasaki- TO STUDY.

With limited experience with research in medicine, I have learnt in a very short time the very basics of scientific research, the purpose, the ethics and the rudiments of biomedical research especially for one coming from a continent and country where these fundamentals are not strongly expressed in medical schools. The robust programme put up by the ITM has greatly enlightened me and also given me the necessary ingredients to advance my research capabilities. These capabilities are not limited to the classroom but even the field exposures.

My sincere and great appreciations go to ALN and the University for providing such a state of the art study environment to me especially with my background, the warm Tutors and Staff, despite occasional language barriers; the Student tutors/guides who helped us navigate through the university and the town and the audio-visual aids and study materials made available for us.