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Anne Manase

Public Health - London
Type of Course: 
Distance learning course
South Sudanese

Last year I did a diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene and this cultivated my desire to be in infectious disease control. Working in Africa has shown me that our biggest problem is actually infectious diseases and in order to decrease the morbidity and mortality associated with these diseases, we need people who are knowledgeable in the control of infectious diseases and are able to take a lead in research on infectious diseases. I felt the best way I could be equipped to do this was to obtain a masters and get further training and knowledge.

I think it will empower me to be involved in research and in the setting up of programs that will aid in the control and surveillance of infectious diseases enabling me to make a significant contribution to the control of infectious diseases especially in my country South Sudan.

In the future I hope to be involved in policy making, planning and research in the control of onfectious diseases especially in the pediatric population. Coming from a country that has just come from a long civil war, the opportunities for studying to the level of masters are very limited and priority for funding is given to specialties that the government considers more relevant. Without this scholarship I would not have been able to realize my dream of building a career in infectious disease. I am very grateful for the opportunity the ALN scholarship has accorded me.