The ALN scholarship fund is a source of support for African scientists wishing to undertake a Master’s degree related to the control of infectious diseases in Africa
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Application process overview

To apply for an Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Scholarship please follow these steps by the deadline dates.


Step 1 - Select the course

Identify an MSc course at either LSHTM or NEKKEN that you would like to study, but do not apply to the university.


Step 2 - Check eligibility

Ensure you are eligible for the MSc course and ALN Scholarship. Please note NEKKEN applicants must have a medical qualification.


Step 3 - Register with ALN

Register to create an account with ALN. You must have an account before you can apply.


 Step 4 - Apply to ALN

Log in and click 'Start application' in the header. Complete and submit the application form by Friday 30th September 2016. No supporting documentation is required at this stage.


Step 5 - Candidates are selected

Applications will be considered by a selection committee and four candidates will be offered Scholarships by end February 2017.


Step 6 - Apply for MSc

Successful candidates to apply for the MSc course at the specified university by 31 March 2017.


Step 7 - Start MSc course

Scholarship awardees that are given a place at university start their MSc course in September 2017 at LSHTM and October 2017 at NEKKEN.